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Everything you need to know about laser cutting

laser cut

Laser cutting is an advanced cutting process available for several projects. In some cases, laser cutting is the best option for precise cuts. Manufacturers often use such laser cutting equipment for complex models that require laser precision.

How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting involves the use of a high power laser with very good focalization. The machine passes the laser beam through the material making a hole. After this hole in the material is made, there comes the laser, leaving behind a clean cut with a smooth finish.

Laser cutting devices sometimes use a laser beam with impulses, and the cut is formed with laser impulses. At other times, laser cutters use a continuous wave – in this case, the beam stays on the material until the cutting takes place. In both cases, the laser cutters use high-power lasers to pierce the materials and create cuts with a very good precision.

Plywood MDF Lamp

What materials can laser cutting be used for?

Laser cutting equipment is an extremely versatile machine. They can cut a wide variety of materials, including ceramics, plastics and various types of metals.

How qualitative are the laser cuts?

Since these equipments make laser cuts, some people worry about the overall quality of the cuts. However, the area activated by heat is minimal when laser cutting is applied. What is more, laser cutters involve a narrow, focused beam which ensures very precise cuts.

As they are programmed by a computer and made with such precision, the cuts are very precise and of high quality. During the cutting process, the laser beam smooths the cut, creating a very high quality cut leading to a good finish of the final product.

Laser cutting versus other cutting procedures

Laser cutting is an extremely energy efficient process. It uses less power than most other cutting systems. Laser cutting devices produce more precise and higher quality cuts compared to other cutting mechanisms and systems. In addition, laser cutting is fast and safe for the operator.

Are the cut materials damaged by laser cutters?

No. As lasers use heat for cutting, many people fear that the heat-activated area will damage the cut material. However, laser cutting equipment does not damage the materials being worked on. They are precise and concentrated, which keeps the thermal damage to a minimum. In addition, the laser practically smooths the cut as it is cut, which means that there is no damage to the area around the actual cut.

In which industries is laser cutting mainly used?

The processing industries benefit the most from laser cutting equipment. Precise cuts allow manufacturers to make items with a high quality finish. Laser cutting is also used in medicine, electronics, the automotive and aerospace industries.

Why should we choose laser cutting?

Laser cutting has a lot of advantages that we have presented on our site and blog. One of the most important benefits is that it reduces the delivery time in the cutting process. Laser cutting equipment is very precise and allows large cuts even on complex models. The cuts are consistent, able to create identical products for mass production, with minimal effort.

Eiffel Tower Laser Cut

Since laser cutting equipment is more energy efficient, it saves more resources and protects the environment to a greater extent compared to other cutting mechanisms.

In addition, laser cutting is versatile because it can be used for a wide variety of materials. When choosing laser cutting for a particular project, you can expect a fast cutting process and quality cuts.

For laser cutting services, but also for laser engraving and 3D printing, feel free to contact us with confidence.

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