Laser cutting is a new technique, efficient, extremely versatile and with very good accuracy. In addition, it is fast and allows you to easily obtain models of excellent quality, with smooth edges.

Laser cutting offers very good accuracy, which is why it is currently very popular in many industries. It involves using a laser to cut the material and remove excess material. It can be used for different materials, including metal, wood and plastic.

The laser cutting procedure is a thermal one and more precisely involves directing a focal laser beam to melt the desired portions of a material, according to a predetermined pattern. Then pressure and heat are applied through a nozzle to complete the model.

Laser Cutting Services

The gas jet causes the molten material to eject and create a small slit. Laser cutting is usually used for metal, steel, nickel, aluminum, brass, but also for gold and silver, polymers, rubber and plastics.

Laser cutting has become very popular in the automotive industry, medicine and many other industries that require fine cutting procedures. Here are the most important advantages of laser cutting services.

  • Reducing deformations

Since laser cutting does not involve a contact process, deformations are minimal. Therefore, very good quality objects will be obtained, fine, without unsightly deformations or with very small deformations.

  • Quick setup

Since no special cutting tools are required, the setup time is shortened. Laser cutting equipment is very easy to set up in a short time. Basically, all you need is the car’s programming and the loading / unloading of the materials used.

  • Customizing the process

Laser cutting is preferred by many businesses because it is easy to automate and customize. The procedure can also be simplified by using manipulation robots and with a computerized numerical control.

  • No expenses with maintenance and change of work tools

Laser cutting does not require using hard tools. This means that the cost of storing, maintaining, sharpening or replacing tools is eliminated. Time is also much more efficient.

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