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Best Wood for Laser Cutting

Custom Wood Trophies Laser Engraved

5 Types of wood for laser cutting and engraving

Laser technology is one of the most appreciated and used methods to cut various materials without losses, but also in the best possible way. Thanks to the software, you can sketch the images or signs that you want to cut or engrave, and the guaranteed result will be a very good one. Many types of materials can be used, but in today’s article we will discuss engraving and cutting for various types of wood.

Wood is a medium hard material, with a rustic finish. Depending on the design, the engraving and the cutting you want to conceive can have both a modern and a classic style. You can play with wood however you want and you can reach perfection every time.

Custom Wood Trophies Laser Engraved

The most used wooden materials for engraving and cutting are as follows:

1. MDF

MDF is a material made by mixing wood fibers, resin and an adhesive, which is pressed at a high temperature to give it the specific shape of plywood. MDF is a cheap material, used successfully when you want to engrave or cut it, to make a piece of furniture with a customized design. It is also a good material to practise on before moving on to other more expensive types of wood.

2. Stratified bamboo

Bamboo is a versatile material and one of the most popular materials used in laser cutting. There are several things you can engrave or cut with this type of wood. It is a material used mainly to create jewelry, plant supports, ornamental objects or lamps.

It is a more exotic material than other types of wood, and its beautiful color, combined with carbonized traces, resulting from laser cutting, will bring a unique touch, full of originality to any project you want to create.

3. Plywood

Plywood is a semi-finished product, most often used in the construction industry and beyond. It is created by gluing an odd number of veneer sheets at high pressure. Some of the biggest advantages of this type of wood are that it is versatile, cheap and very durable. It is a rather difficult material to work with a laser cutting machine due to the sheets, a clean cut can often be very difficult to achieve.

4. Birch wood

This type of wood is very beautiful and popular among enthusiasts. As it is a hardwood, birch needs a laser with a higher power to be cut successfully. Compared to MDF, it is more expensive, but the finished product will be much more beautiful.

5. Cedar

Cedar has an advantage over other softwoods, namely the fact that it does not rot so easily. It has a slightly reddish, natural appearance, being the perfect wood to be engraved and cut with the help of laser technology. Many professionals recommend it, because it is a soft essence and can last longer.

There are numerous solutions – you just need to be willing to try. The Internet can help you a lot to discover new projects to engrave or cut wood in any way you want. You can make large constructions, making smaller pieces depending on the device you use and combining them perfectly in the end.

It will be a unique product made entirely by you. Based on it, friends and acquaintances will be amazed at what you have managed to build and you will have numerous requests from them. Thus, you will be able to start a new business, and if you think about it, everything can start from a simple hobby.

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