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Can you laser cut aluminum?

laser cut aluminum

If you work in a production industry that is based on the processing and handling of aluminum products, you definitely want to focus on the best processing technologies. If laser technology has caught your eye, you will want to be informed first of all to ensure that there is a high compatibility of the equipment used, in relation to the wishes and needs of your business.

There are many rumors about laser cutting of aluminum, and experts are also discussing a number of difficulties with this process. You can find out below the most important information about this.

Can aluminum be processed with laser?

According to those who already work in this field and have extensive work experience, yes, aluminum can be laser cut. However, given the reflectivity, molecular shape and thermal conductivity, several difficulties have been discovered in this process.

laser cut aluminum

This was not the case if carbon dioxide cutting technology and fiber laser are used in order to create those smooth surfaces and a perfect cutting of aluminum parts and materials.

Also, it is necessary that the device through which the cutting is made is provided with a metal head, unlike those used for materials that have a stable chemical structure where plastic is the most common. These tools prevent the impossibility of cutting which can be caused by metal reflection, while also helping to ensure high accuracy.

The use of laser equipment that has a high operating power or that works at high temperatures, which does not present any risk when cutting is done in the presence of a gas, as required by aluminum, should also be considered.

Advantages of laser cutting aluminum

Beyond the fact that, in terms of current technology for processing aluminum materials, laser cutting is definitely among the only and most efficient options, the procedure provides at the same time several advantages in terms of the final result, as well as of the operators who coordinate the whole phenomenon.

For instance, given the use of innovative, high-performance technologies, contact with the material itself is limited.

There are many discussions in the field of health that remind of a potential negative impact that aluminum can have on the body. The process is approximately 98% technological, the operators no longer have to make the same efforts as they used to.

Also, since aluminum is a difficult material to process due to its structural and chemical instability, it is impossible not to mention the ease with which the cutting takes place, as well as its precision.

After the aluminum is cut with the help of laser technology, the finished result is extremely precise, the edges are straight and there are no deformations or imperfections that could require new processing efforts or that would be aesthetically uncomfortable.

All this encourages the saving of resources as well as time, and the product obtained will not deteriorate quickly and will be in an impeccable shape, ready to be introduced in the production or marketing processes.

What aluminum surfaces can be laser cut?

Many surfaces and aluminum products can be cut using laser technology. Of course, you will need to pay special attention when it comes to processing combinations of materials with a high content of aluminum and other metals, as these may require a different approach.

But of course, whether you want to make aluminum parts, different materials used in the food industry (for example foils and packaging), materials used in construction, etc. a laser cutting machine can be exactly the solution you need to ensure the efficiency and success of the whole process.

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