Laser Cutting

Can you laser cut glass?

laser cut glass

Are you looking for a technology to help you successfully operate glass surfaces and materials? Laser equipment seems to be exactly what you need, especially when you don’t want to leave room for compromise.

This technology is compatible with many types of surfaces, including glass under certain conditions of use, giving users an experience full of numerous benefits. You can find in this article which they are, as well as the peculiarities of laser cutting.

Useful information about glass laser cutting

Glass laser cutting can take place regardless of the technological process, respectively the properties or the destination of use. Of course, it must be taken into account the fact that glass is a fragile material, and the equipment you work with must have the optimal characteristics to ensure proper efficiency.

The process is based on two possibilities with different operating mechanism from which you can choose the pulsation cut or the continuous wave cutting. Each has, of course, its own peculiarities.

laser cut glass

For example, electromagnetic pulse cutting gives rise to extremely precise cuts as opposed to wave cutting, due to temperature and work intensity. But in the end we will see differences both in the purchase price of the technology and in terms of the final result, the more precise results requiring, of course, greater financial costs.

However, comparing the laser cutting as a whole, regardless of the method used among those mentioned above, with that in infrared (frequently used), we will also notice that their action is different depending on what is the desired result.

For example, laser is preferred for the production of small, delicate parts and accessories, such as telephone foils, and infrared cutting equipment can prove to be an excellent alternative if the products are to be reprocessed.

We remind you that infrared cutting is also a form of laser cutting, based on the use of carbon dioxide, the other using the action of ultraviolet rays that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The advantages of laser cutting

If you found the macro classification of the types of lasers used to cut glass really fascinating, it will be just as interesting and useful to know the advantages that this technology offers you. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Laser cutting allows to create any shape of glass, with the utmost precision and flexibility. Considering this aspect, we can conclude that this process is easy and it allows to save resources, which becomes essential for the developing industry;
  • The precision offered by laser is much higher than other methods, which also determines an extremely low degree of damage;
  • Laser cutting produces considerably fewer health risks because the process is performed without directly involving the operators.

These are, of course, just a few of the benefits, to which can be added the apparent disadvantages such as costs that are somewhat higher in terms of technology acquisition.

However, if we were to compare the reduced implications and the material savings, we finally come to the conclusion that the initial investment can be easily covered in the shortest possible time, especially when there is an activity of intense production.

Therefore, you must keep in mind when cutting glass with laser that this is an extremely simple and efficient process when done properly. The advantages are clearly superior to traditional processes, as laser cutting is considered the future of the industry.

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