Laser Cutting

Custom Engraved Acrylic Signs

Custom Laser Engraved Plaque

Laser engraving is a quite well-known technique lately for customizing acrylic signs. With the help of a laser, different models, ornaments or texts can be cut and engraved on acrylic stands. The results are usually impressive – acrylic signs with a professional design, which maintain their beautiful appearance very well over time.

Acrylic signs are actually made of plexiglass, which is a transparent plastic material, very resistant to shocks and weather. That’s why acrylic signs are practically ideal for displaying information not only indoors, but also outdoors. Here are some examples:

  • names on doors
  • logos
  • company names
  • other signs

Custom Laser Engraved Plaque

This technique involves the use of a high-power laser that melts or evaporates portions of the acrylic material being worked on. The process is ideal for cutting or engraving models or texts, with exceptional precision. In this way, very well embossed letters and many other signs with complicated details can be obtained. These results could not be obtained by other methods.

Apart from this advantage, laser engraving on acrylic objects can be customized very easily. This means that the general design of a room or building can be taken into account. In this sense, different colors can be used for the letters or lighting effects can be added to create a more attractive appearance.

All these benefits make laser engraving on acrylic a lasting and precise method helpful in obtaining personalized and professional signs, which can then be displayed in various contexts.
Advantages of laser engraving on acrylic signs

  • Very good precision – models or texts with small dimensions or complicated details can be created
  • Possibility of customization – colors, lighting effects
  • Durability over time – the resulting objects are weather or shock proof; they can be used indoors, but also outdoors
  • Versatility. Almost any acrylic material can be engraved with the laser (opaque, colored, transparent acrylic materials).
  • Advantageous price – it is an efficient method as well as costs because it allows the creation of a large number of signs, in a short time, with low prices.
  • Short production time, without compromising quality and precision.

Environmentally-friendly technique. During the process of laser engraving acrylic signs, no solvents or other chemicals which harm the environment are used. Therefore, the method of laser engraving on acrylic materials has several benefits, which means that it will continue to be widely used.