Laser Engraving

How long does engraving take?

Laser Engraved Wood Dreamcatcher

The concept of engraving appeared due to the need to print on certain objects, of different materials, certain images or words for a greater durability in time. Even if this technology is not new, it will last over time due to the high persistence of printing on various objects. It is still used in almost all industries to highlight the quality of products in a modern way.

Due to the accuracy with which the engraving of the objects is done, more and more people resort to such customization for gifts or branding. It is a much more beautiful and elegant method than in other cases.

Materials that can be engraved and their resistance over time

The list of materials is almost endless, and the duration of the inscription on certain objects will last depending on the material used. The resistance of the engravings is also given by the way in which the object is used, as well as by the hardness of the engraved material.

For example, metal and glass are some of the most lasting materials. Therefore, engraving will last for decades. The engraving of the glass is done inside. Thus we can say that as long as it does not break, it will last forever.

On the other hand, cardboard, paper or other textiles will not last as much over time due to the properties of the printed materials. Briefly, the engraving of the objects will last depending on the hardness of the material on which the desired image or print is inscribed.

Laser Engraved Wood DreamcatcherTypes of engraving

The two common engraving types for this type of printing are:

Mechanical engraving – this method is often used to engrave durable materials such as metal, aluminum, wood, glass, etc., thus being able to customize office objects for printing logos or other objects required.

Laser engraving – you can print inscriptions or images on wood, leather, rubber, glass, ABS, marble, granite, metals, etc.

Ideas for objects that you can engrave

Your imagination will be your best friend in this case, but you can easily consult the online environment. Wedding invitations are among the most popular engraved items, and the list goes on with birthday invitations, business cards, greeting cards, etc.

For the office or even for personal use, you can engrave mugs, pens, keychains, cup holders, trophies in case you find a collaboration with a football team from the high school cup, etc. There is a large area in which you can get involved in the production of your services.

Therefore, you can make countless such orders for any type of activity or requirement you have. There is a wide variety when it comes to listing your favorite items, but if you want to start a business in this field, you will be able to cover a much larger area. Thus, you will have a guaranteed success.

Engraving benefits

Attractive design is of course the main reason to purchase such a marked object. They come with a lot of advantages that you can exploit if you want to start your own business, but also if you want to use this type of device for hobby. The most important benefits to consider are:

  • can be inscribed on many types of materials;
  • high resistance over time;
  • making high quality images with impressive details;
  • the engraving method is ecological;
  • engraving on hard objects, such as metal or stainless steel, has a very high resistance over time, following the use of the inscribed object;
  • can be cut quickly without errors and scratches.

It can be a successful business or a hobby you will never get bored of. No matter what you want to use this printing method for, you will always find objects and ideas to impress your customers or family.

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