Laser Engraving

How long does it take to laser engrave?

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Laser engraving has become a common technology today. Not so long ago, it was used only at the industrial level, in sectors such as automotive or aerospace.
However, with the growing popularity of this device, great manufacturers have begun to introduce a new generation of devices at much smaller sizes and at a convenient price. This is when engraving captured the audience and their imagination.

Of course, a laser engraving device is a serious investment, whether you have a business or just a hobby. Therefore, it is important to know as much detail and information as possible before purchasing such a device.

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is a process by which a beam of laser light is focused at a point, in order to mark materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, leather and so on, with an image, text or symbols. The device uses a focused laser to produce a large amount of heat so that the surface material is removed to leave behind the desired image or text.

Depending on the material, the device uses the laser at different powers and distances from the object to achieve the design. Too much distance or too little power will not be able to cut the material properly while too little distance or too much power will melt or burn the object.

wood personalized trophies

How long does it take to engrave an object with a laser?

One of the most popular questions asked in the beginning is how long laser engraving takes. This largely depends on the strength of the machine, the complexity of the design, the size of the engraved surface and the type of material used. In the case of a design that has an engraving that requires filling, the completion time will be longer.

Surface size is also an important factor when it comes to time. A large surface to be engraved means that the completion time is even longer. The engraving depth is essential at the same time, because a deeper marking requires more power and a longer time to complete the engraving.

Last but not least, the material used will greatly influence the engraving duration. For example, engraving in soft materials such as plastic, leather or wood will have a much shorter completion time than the hardest materials, such as metals.

For example, we have a 100W laser engraving machine. Next we will use some metals to engrave them on an area of 25 x 25 mm.

So we have the following engraving durations:

  • Titanium – 11.1 seconds;
  • Aluminum – 9.6 seconds;
  • Zinc – 9.3 seconds;
  • Stainless steel – 8 seconds.

Laser marking can also be influenced by the background color used. Next, we can use as an example the aluminum, also on an area of 25 x 25 mm, with a laser also of 100W as in the example above:

  • Dark marking with an open background – 9.6 seconds;
  • Dark marking without background – 6.3 seconds.

The answer to this question is complex, with many factors to take into account. This type of business is one of the future and various inscribed objects can be made for hobbyists or companies. Large companies often use such markings for business cards, leaflets, pens, etc., to impress and give a note of seriousness and modernism to their company.

Thus, if you have decided to experience this niche, you can conclude long-term collaboration contracts with these companies, in order to have a continuous flow in engraving the various materials required.

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