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The best tips when cutting small pieces with laserĀ 

Laser cutting and engraving is a technology that can be successfully used to create very complex objects and parts. Both consumers and companies began to use this manufacturing method more and more often, because in some cases it is much more convenient and faster for the production of objects and parts for everyday activities.

But, when you want to make small products, you have to understand that they need more attention. Therefore, consider some tips to avoid errors and be able to use laser cut technology exactly as you want.

1. Pay attention to bridges

Bridges are very important when cutting with a laser. This is the process by which you make sure that the geometry of your project does not have loose shapes that can come off after cutting. Cutting the letters or a drawing that has empty spaces inside, will leave a missing surface that will make the inside of the drawing be lost.

Bridges connect these spaces with the exterior shape, so the final image will keep its desired shape. To achieve this in the case of a message, it is important to select a font that already includes these bridges so that you are not forced to create them yourself.

Miniature Tudor style house2. Correct sizing

The production method made with the help of laser cutting has numerous applications, therefore it is important to take care when sizing in order to be sure that the desired product will come out according to your specifications.

It is necessary for the internal geometry not to be too small and it should be selected according to the thickness and type of material you are going to process. Also, any hole or cut must be at least 50% of the thickness of the material or greater.

3. Optimize the project for laser cutting

This step is important because you can save precious time and you can be sure that the finished product will have the desired result. Therefore, make sure that before you start the actual cutting, the contour is not interrupted, because the laser will not be able to follow the predetermined path and complete the project correctly.

Check the font you are going to use and make sure that the negative shapes are removed. Any text or image must have well-made bridges to avoid issues when cutting. Laser cutting and engraving technology is one of the preferred manufacturing methods, as it allows home and commercial users to produce customized objects and parts.

Due to the increase in popularity of these devices and the decrease in prices, laser cutting has become an incredible opportunity for anyone to create anything, using an ever-increasing number of materials