Laser Cutting

Laser Cut 3D Puzzles

3d dinosaur puzzle

Nowadays, laser cutting machines have become more and more common, being one of the most appreciated production methods among entrepreneurs, but also among ordinary consumers.

Although it is a technology which has been used for decades among large industries, they have recently become a very popular way of producing numerous elements, such as decorative objects, toys, advertising signals and so on.

A very popular application of this device is making 3D puzzles. These types of toys are not difficult to make and are appreciated by consumers. To make these objects, it will be necessary to use a resistant, light, but also cheap material.

3d dinosaur puzzle

The most suitable materials are plywood, paper, plexiglass, cardboard and many others. You must also take into account several stages, in this way you can finalize the project as soon as possible.

Create a design

Regardless of whether you choose an original design or one that you can download from the Internet, any project of this kind begins with the design. If you choose the second option, you will find on many specialized websites ideas and projects that you can use without wasting too much time developing a new one.

However, you must take into account its size and make sure that it does not exceed the working space that the laser cutting machine allows you. If it is too big, you can modify the CAD file so that it fits the dimensions you have available.

Set the parameters

As soon as you have the project finalized, you can move on to the next step. It will be necessary to set your machine according to the material you want to use to create the puzzle. Each has certain properties that you must know, but if you do some research to have some more information, you will be able to produce toys in the shortest time.

Puzzle 3D Fly

For example, we can consider a puzzle made of 3mm plywood, one of the most popular and resistant materials used in this activity. You can use a standard laser head, but you must pay attention to the cutting speed and the power of the device. A high speed is often recommended, 40 mm/s is enough in the case provided as an example.

In this way you will get a perfect cut, without burn marks. The cutting power must be between 60 and 100 W, but you can also use a weaker one, which will allow you to cut several times.

Considering the properties of the plywood, air assistance will have to be used, firstly to remove the cut remains, and secondly to reduce the temperature and thus avoid burn marks.

Painting and assembly

Once the cutting process has been finalized, what remains to be done is to paint the parts if you want this (or you can leave it as it is, and it will be an additional project for the little ones) and assemble it.

Laser Cut 3D Puzzle ButterflyConsidering that this toy is a puzzle, it is recommended not to use glue, in order to ensure multiple uses by consumers. Laser cutting has countless applications, from the production of industrial parts and objects to household and decorative ones.

3D puzzles can be a beautiful project that can help you practice your skills, but also your imagination, creating in this way a beautiful gift for children and not only.