Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Geometric Shapes

Wood Keychain

One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting is the possibility to cut with incredible precision, something that can help you when you want to produce or build parts and objects with a complex design.

The most interesting and used patterns are geometric shapes. They can have different aspects, but they are all similar with their complicated design, impossible to achieve by other means of cutting. Therefore, we will present you some things that you can do, so that you can better highlight your products through a unique and personalized look:


Toys can be small, special projects that both children and adults can enjoy. You can design simple or complex toys, with unique geometric patterns. Toys can become a special gift, and depending on the project, the people who will receive them will be able to display them in their office or even play with them.

Acrylic AirplaneArt

Art can be created and individualized, in order to express a person’s perspective in an artistic way. In this way, you can create complex paintings from wood or cardboard with several layers to highlight the room better and make it become a piece of resistance that will capture everyone’s attention and imagination.

Interior ornaments

Some of the best objects that you can customize with different geometric shapes are ornamental ones. You can create lamps with a complex design to render an unparalleled ambient light or produce separating walls with an oriental, unique appearance, thus being able to combine western and eastern aesthetics in an elegant way.

3D cardboard greeting cardGreeting cards, invitations and much more

Everyday gifts, but also for special occasions, can be decorated in the most unique way. You can create from paper or cardboard amazing greeting cards, wedding invitations, for different special events or envelopes cut out in such a way as to convince the recipients that you have made an incredible effort, making them feel special.

Business cards

Although the business environment has changed and is still changing, can benefit from laser cutting by creating unique business cards. The first impression matters a lot both among business partners and with potential customers.

Custom Wood Business CardsThat’s why you have to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a business card made of cardboard, paper, acrylic or other materials, with a unique design, something that will make you easier to be remembered.

Laser cutting presents numerous opportunities for both consumers and small entrepreneurs. Despite being complex at first glance, geometric shapes can be easily created through this process and they are an excellent way to create unique and personalized products.