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Laser Cutting & Engraving

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Laser cutting has become an incredible solution for many companies, but also for consumers who thus manage to customize various decorative objects, both for indoors and for outdoors. The automotive industry has been enjoying laser technology for decades, being able to mark different cars or to make some necessary components.

As mentioned, not only companies can benefit from such services, they are also very popular among consumers, as a rule they opt for the customization of jewelry made of different materials such as gold, silver or stainless steel.

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There are 4 ways in which you can apply laser technology to create your favorite objects.

1. Laser cutting

This technique is used to cut materials into several pieces or to cut out certain more complex projects, such as irregular shapes or texts.

  • Plastic – polycarbonate, plexiglass, ABS and so on;
  • Wood – any type of hard or soft wood, MDF, veneer, cork;
  • Leather – both natural and synthetic leather can be cut;
  • Textiles – cotton, felt, polyester;
  • Cardboard / paper – any type of cellulose;
  • Rubber;
  • Metal – steel, gold, copper, silver.

2. Laser engraving

Laser engraving is one of the most used techniques to stamp certain messages or images because it can last for many years depending on use, but also on the depth of the engraving. This technique does not pierce the material, but only removes a few millimeters (depends on the thickness of the material) to create the desired inscription.

This process is often used for engraving jewelry, being able to create a wonderful memory that will last for years.

Laser engraving3. Laser marking

It is very similar to the engraving process, the only difference is that a special finesse is used. It is usually used to inscribe jewelry, requiring greater attention, but also a much smaller penetration.

4. Laser Drilling

Many times it is necessary to drill the materials in several points to be able to connect them with other parts, finally forming a finished object. In this procedure, the laser light is concentrated in a point in order to succeed in perforating it or by pulses. Almost all materials can be penetrated because the concentrated light can reach values higher than 5000 degrees.

Certain situations require that these perforations be as precise as possible so that everything comes out according to the project. The laser is the best solution for any company or person who wants to make certain pieces, decorative elements or customized jewelry with a high degree of resistance.

It is a business of the future or a service that will be used many years from now, being beneficial in any society to design certain models or parts that are no longer available or are too expensive to purchase. With the help of a laser cutting service, you will always be able to complete your project, regardless of its scope and complexity.