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Leather Engraving with a Laser Machine

engrave leather

From clothing items to stationery and accessories such as wallets, leather is a material which shows sophistication, class and elegance. But nothing adds more shine to a leather item than an image, some initials, or a personalized, laser-engraved quote.

Thanks to special equipment that can engrave leather, this process is simple, fast and precise. Leather engraving adds value to an object, so it’s a great business idea. For example, as an entrepreneur, you can think of a business with personalized gifts, various leather goods (wallets, belts, etc.). Such articles are popular with the general public because they are memorable and you can offer them as gifts all year round.

engrave leather

What does leather engraving look like?

Leather engraving results in a visible effect, with a clean contrast. Engraving on darker leather results in higher contrast, while it produces minimal color contrast.

As a consequence, the results depend largely on the skin type, as well as on the laser used (speed, power, frequency settings). When we have leather engraving orders, we always test the equipment on the leather requested by our customer, depending on the project he wants to carry out. The idea is to juggle these settings until we get the perfect configuration for the desired results.

What types of leather can be engraved?

Synthetic leather. For example, we can engrave on objects made of genuine leather, suede and raw leather, nubuck leather or microfiber materials. However, it is important to know what compounds exist in synthetic leather because processing PVC by laser engraving can lead to the elimination of dangerous gases. Therefore, we recommend natural leather.

Suede. This tends to stain during the etching process but this can be remedied with sprays that add an extra layer of stain resistance. But sometimes this side effect can be an advantage and not a disadvantage. For example, if you want to achieve a rustic look by engraving a leather object, we can work with stains and incorporate them artistically as part of the design.

Natural leather. It can be of several types and depending on the type, the result is different when laser engraving. When working with laser on natural leather, we usually reduce the power of the laser.

Depending on what you want to achieve by laser engraving leather objects, we can use laser cutting, laser engraving or embossing. Please contact us for details and engraving orders on leather objects.

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