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metal laser cutting

Laser cutting for metal: how can you improve your next manufacturing project?

The modern metal fabrication process consists of a variety of techniques that promise quality yields. Laser cutting stands out as one of the most interesting, because it is adaptable, efficient and very accurate. All these attributes make it ideal if you need help with a simpler or more complex manufacturing project.

Keep the following tips in mind when you start planning your next laser cutting project:

Consider the thickness and type of material to be cut

When starting the design process for the next project, consider the options you have for the type of materials and the thickness required. As you know, different materials burn at different speeds, and the thinner the material, the faster the laser will cut it. Ultimately, pay for the time the laser spends in operation. Finally, choosing the right type of material or working to find the optimal thickness of the material can help to significantly reduce the cost of laser cutting.

metal laser cuttingHowever, this

is not always easy, depending on the complexity of the project, so if you have any questions about the type or thickness of the material for the future project, you can contact us.

Focus on simplicity

When planning a project, it is often important to keep things as simple as possible. It is also useful to make efforts to obtain models that minimize laser cutting time. It’s not always easy to think of a project in its simplest form, but keep in mind that the less time it takes to cut, the lower the costs.

You get paid for every move your laser cutting machine makes. Whether a technician cuts, engraves or returns to the cuts, these things add up. To keep the design simple, keep in mind that drawing small, detailed shapes with a laser cutting machine will take more time than drawing large lines. Straight lines require less cutting time than circles.

Keep in mind that laser cutting is just one step in the metal fabrication process. Even if it is practical to find a metal manufacturing company that can build the main part of a case or a custom part, it is much better if you can work with a company that can also perform powder coating, spot welding and other techniques which can be useful to finalize the project. You may think that you could work with more companies, but this usually leads to higher costs, more time, and more energy.

All this can lead to additional overheads and potentially costly mistakes. Laser cutting and engraving technologies have been available for a long time, so it’s a good idea to find a reliable provider who can offer you a wide variety of complementary services.

As you probably guessed, success in any manufacturing project depends entirely on absolute accuracy. If you find a company with specialist people who can perform precision laser cutting for your parts, you will be able to enjoy quality and easy-to-sell products.

For metal laser cutting services, but also other materials, feel free to contact us. We have experience in laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D printing, layout, 3D rendering and many other such technical processes that require very high accuracy

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