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What is the resistance of laser engraving on an object?

laser engraving

The introduction of laser engraving has made it possible to engrave on absolutely any type of material, with customization patterns. Nowadays, almost everyone has a jewel, a wallet or other decorative object laser engraved.

But the question is, will these engraved patterns last?

Or does laser engraving fade or disappear over time, after the object has been washed or after heavy use? The answer is yes and no.

Laser engraving leaves marks that will not be erased, because the process involves applying a concentrated energy on a very small area. This energy leaves a permanent mark by melting, heating, vaporizing or burning the top layer of the material.

However, the strength of the laser engraving depends on the material used, the depth of the engraving, the destination of the engraved object and whether the surfaces are polished or not.

laser engraving
In other words, you can enjoy a laser engraved object for a lifetime or, on the contrary, laser engraving can fade in a few years. Here are the factors that determine the strength of the laser engraved pattern.

Engraving depth

The deeper the engraving, the more resistant it will be over time. However, the engraving depth also depends on the material used and the personalization needs of the client. For example, if acrylic is used, laser engravings can go up to a depth of 0.25mm.

Wood engraving can penetrate to a depth of 0.5 mm. If these values are exceeded and in general, if the engraving is done at a greater depth than the material can withstand, eventually the material will be damaged. Therefore, deeper engravings can be made on some materials, such as wood.

Material used

Laser engraving can be done on different types of materials, and the material used obviously has a great impact on the longevity of the engraving. For example, laser engraving on gold and other softer metals will fade in less time than engraving on other types of metals.

Usage of the engraved object

If the engraved object is subjected to a constant rubbing motion, then the engraving will last less. However, an engraving on the inside of the ring will not fade, because the ring will only rub against the finger, which is not harder than the metal from which the ring is made.

But the situation is different in the case of an engraved ring worn as a pendant with a chain around the neck. In this case, the engraving could disappear in a few years, if the ring rubs against the necklace.

Cleaning and maintenance of the engraved object

Cleaning and polishing an engraved object can also affect the longevity of the engraving. There are two important things here, if you want the engraving to last as long as possible. First of all, do not wipe or polish engraved objects too often. These items should only be cleaned when needed. Secondly, do not use abrasive cleaning formulas.
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