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Types of laser engraving

Types of laser engraving

Engraving of various materials has become popular among all people, being a more lasting alternative to printing itself. The engraving is lasting and hardly changes its quality, regardless of the degree of use. Of course, this depends on the engraved material. You can write messages, logos, even images, so there is a wide range and you will definitely always find what new project to do.

It is a common option, for a very long durability over time, due to the perforation of various materials. These engravings can last depending on the functionality for decades and you will be able to enjoy them for a long time. Metal and glass engraving are the most resistant due to both their superior qualities and their very high hardness.

What materials can be engraved?

Depending on the laser, almost anything can be engraved. The most common materials that are chosen by customers for a customized engraving are jewelry. They can be engraved whether they are made of gold, silver, stainless steel or any other material used to create jewelry.

Wood is also common for a rustic – traditional customization, so you can print on furniture or cup holders, boxes even trinkets, various messages or inscriptions.
Glass began to be used more and more for engraving, with a modern and luxurious design.

Types of laser engraving

What does laser engraving mean?

Engraving involves printing harder materials than paper. This marking on the surface of the materials does not involve the use of any ink. This engraving machine has a special head which will be able to remove the excess to achieve the desired inscription.Writing or engraving images is done through small grooves, which appear after using the device to fulfill its purpose.

Types of laser engraving

There are 4 types of engraving that you can make and we will detail each one so that you have a better idea regarding this operation:

– laser engraving with direct photopolymer

It is the most common form for labeling various plates. With the help of this mechanism, the laser prints by ultraviolet the formation of the model on the work plate, by laser and starts the engraving in the same way as in the case of flexographic printing.

– laser engraving of anilox rolls

This type of laser is used for engraving ceramics. They operate on a YAG laser and can focus a beam of light for a finer and better engraving. Fiber lasers are the most popular because they allow fast switching of a larger number of laser beams.

-surface laser engraving (SSLE)

SSLE engraving refers to the way of marking images or letters on transparent hard materials with the help of laser. Marking is done under the surface of the transparent material by fine fractures with the help of laser beam focusing.

– direct laser engraving of flexographic printing plates

This type of engraving is mainly used on flexographic plates. This type of laser was originally used to mark models on the surface of rubber plates, it works with carbon dioxide. Over time, they have been upgraded to fiberglass to be more efficient and of better quality.

Laser engraving is still popular on the market and has a bright future, with a wide variety of materials that you can engrave in different styles and patterns.
Such a device can help you develop a successful business, the demand is very high in this niche and you can thus satisfy your customers’ requirements, customizing various objects for personal or business use.

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