Laser Cutting

What can laser cutting do?

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Laser cutting or engraving technology has become popular among people, being used in almost every field. It is the best and fastest way to produce spare parts, decorative objects or it can even be used successfully in advertising. A business will be noticed immediately thanks to laser inscriptions. You can cut metal objects such as steel, copper and aluminum, but also wood, plastic, cardboard.

We will detail some examples that can be made with the help of laser, to create unique products, customized at the customer’s request or even for personal use:

Wall clocks

We all have at least one wall clock in the house. With this technology you can customize your favorite model to completely change the room. It can be cut to large sizes in metal or wood for a modern and minimalist look.

Tree of Life Wall ClockJewelry

Jewelry is the most preferred accessory for both women and men. They can be made of wood or stainless steel, and can engrave certain inscriptions or memorable data, for a very high resistance over time. Models can be unique depending on the designed model and they have a higher value than those made in series.

Desk lamp

A desk lamp or for the little ones can be a fun or stylish accessory depending on the place of use. The body of the lamp can be made in any shape and height, adding then the cables for its connection to a light bulb and a power source. It can become your favorite accessory in an office, which will attract your attention from the first moment.

Plywood MDF Lamp CNC cutToys

Toys are not just for kids. We all have a child’s soul in us that is eager to build certain 3D models or puzzles. They are a good way to develop creativity and visual skills, but also to manipulate small pieces. It is a good way to relax, but also to develop certain reflexes.

Shoe decorations

Especially for women, decorative elements can be added to shoes or sneakers to make them look nicer. Elegant or funny elements for children can be made. Large companies also use this technology to customize and print their personal logo on shoes. Unique pieces can also be made, with a slightly higher price, but you will be lucky to have a pair of original shoes.

Wedding and christening invitations and accessories

The special events in your life need to be celebrated in a big way. Thus, the testimonials, the decorations for the tables or for the dance hall must be arranged as uniquely as possible for a dream evening with your future partner. The cake can also be decorated with customized elements to impress the guests.

Wedding Invitations CorkCompany logos

Companies always use and have collaboration contracts for the production of various office materials. Engraved business cards and logos at office entrances can highlight seriousness and professionalism. Laser-cut folders can be designed, with various models or even with your company’s logo.

Lighting system – chandeliers and ceiling lights

The latest lighting systems for home or office are made with this technology. They are often made of wood for a modern look, and can be made in various round, square or rectangular shapes, being subsequently painted in your favorite shades to match your style.

As can be noticed, laser technology has many uses. These are just a few of what laser cut means and how this technology can help you advance a business in the marketplace. You can conclude collaboration contracts with companies or individuals in order to create customized objects which can then be admired due to their uniqueness.

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