Laser Engraving

Who needs laser engraving services?

Laser Engraved Wood Photo Frame Elephant

Laser engraving is a unique way to customize an object. The range of objects that can be laser engraved is large, covering different fields of activity. The laser engraving process is similar to that of ink printing, but in this case, ink is replaced with a laser beam.

What can be laser engraved?

Numerous products can be laser engraved, and among them we mention some from different fields:

  • Badges
  • Pens
  • Trophies
  • Medals
  • Textile materials
  • Jewelry
  • Phone cases

In what areas can laser engraving be used?

Regarding the areas in which laser engraved objects are used, there is also a diversity.

  • Auto-Moto
  • Events
  • HoReCa industry
  • Marketing

What are the benefits of laser engraving?

Laser engraving is a procedure that comes with many advantages:

  • Speed
  • Fine details
  • High accuracy
  • High durability over time
  • Different types of materials which can be engraved (wood, plastic, rubber, textiles, etc.)

Laser Engraved Wood Photo Frame Elephant

What is the working mechanism of engraving?

Laser engraving is done by sending a light beam on different materials. This beam moves depending on which model appears on the software you are working with, by vaporizing a surface layer of a certain material. Depending on the depth of inscription that is established, but also on how the material subjected to this process reacts, the engraving can be done both in depth and on the surface.

How many times have you seen in a company various posters that were simply printed?

More and more companies are now choosing laser engraving over plastic. Laser engraving brings an elegant note wherever it is used. Many people engrave their wedding rings, because the engraving can last for many years. Images obtained by laser engraving last for a long time, without losing their color quality.

Many companies choose customized logos with laser engraving technique for a uniqueness note. Laser engraving is the process by which the laser beam physically removes the material on which it is engraved, in order to expose a cavity that reveals an image at eye level.

Whether you want unique objects for yourself, for your business or you simply want to make an unforgettable gift, personalized things with the technique of laser engraving are an option to consider. If you think about the cost of such objects, consider some of the benefits of this laser technique.

Such a personalized object will have a much longer lifespan, the finest details will be highlighted with great precision, you will be able to replace the plastic posters at the office. Also, in some centers where laser engraving is used, some traders sell items that you do not have, but that you would like to personalize.

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